“The materiality of the Invisible” exhibition now open @ 104 Paris

Matérialité de l'Invisible affiche

Directed by José-Manuel Gonçalvès, in collaboration with Inrap (the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research), and partners of the NEARCH project, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS presents a collective exhibition entitled Materiality of the invisible, the archaeology of the senses from February 13th to April 30th. The exhibition brings together works of artists in residency at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS within the framework of the European project NEARCH, including Agapanthe (Konné & Mulliez), Ali Cherri, Miranda Creswell, Nathalie Joffre and Julie Ramage, as well as installations by the invited artists: Hicham Berrada, Anish Kapoor, Johann Le Guillerm, Ronny Trocker and also performances by Adrian Schindler and Eric Arnal-Burtschy. Through their work, sculpture, installation, photo, video, drawing and performance, the artists compose a sensitive, moving and incomplete map of the relationship between Man and his environment and his History particularly through the intersection of art and archaeology.

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