EUxIN [European Union Cross Identity Network] is consisted of European universities belonging to the COIMBRA GROUP. Supported by the program “Culture 2000” of the European Union. This project aims to develop and enrich the reflexion on the European cultural identity through a multidisciplinary approach and a common methodology.

The objects of the project are European cultural events and phenomena in history and at the present day, be they artistic or behavioural.

The aims of the project are:

to highlight the basic features which give structure to and identify European culture;
to pick out amongst these fundamental characteristics those which are common to and into Europe;
to examine how these characteristics play a part within local identities (e.g. national or linguistic identities).
The analyses will show:

how European cultural identity is not a dull, super- or juxtaposition, of different elements, but on the contrary a dynamic interaction of both common and individual factors: how a spanish is European in his own “Iberianicity”, or a Greek in his “Hellenicity”…;
how European culture, far from being a unique model imposed everywhere, is a unifying factor which can only function in relation to specific and local identities.
This process of cultural identification is the fruit of traditions of education and of immersion in an environment, but it also results from the development of knowledge: the universities as plawces in which knowledge has been accumulated over centuries, are playing an important role in the production and the transmission of that knowledge.

EUXIN official website
Go check the European Cultural Passport


May 2001 ► April 2004


Université de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve [BE], Università di Bologna [IT], Universität Heidelberg [DE], Université de Monpellier [FR], Universidad de Salamanque [ES]


1.000.000 €


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