Project 1
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This cultural project brings together contemporary designers and glass blowers, with the aim of provide new models for cooperation and creativity in glass creation today. A collection of pieces, created during the creative workshops held in Finland, Cezch Republic and France are displayed throughout Europe in a travelling exhibition, and illustrated in a comprehensive publication.

GLASS IS TOMORROW is a European network which aims at establishing a more fluid exchange of knowledge and competencies between glass and design professionals in the north, south, east and west of Europe.

In its second phase which has started up on 1st June 2013 and will last until 31 May 2015, GLASS IS TOMORROW – GIT II will aim at collaborating further with high end glass centers and postgraduate education departments specialized into glass design, in order to increase the quality of the glass production in Europe and the awareness of the European glass culture, tradition and innovations towards the professional world and the general public (including the applied arts and design collectors). The evolution of the project will enhance both the pedagogy and the profession of glass design and making.

There will be 2 professional production residencies at the partners’ glass factories (The Glass Factory in Boda – SE and the CIAV in Meisenthal – FR), wich will be organized parallel to a series of 3 postgraduate workshops along with specialized schools ‘departments glass and ceramics) and glass research centers (ESADSE – School of High Education in Art and Design of Saint-Etienne, Royal College of Arts – RCA in London, and CIRECA/Domaine de Boisbuchet with the Corning Glass Museum/”Glass Lab” from New York City, US).


Glass is Tomorrow 1: June 2011 ► May 2013 || Glass is Tomorrow 2: June 2013 ► August 2015


Pro Materia [BE], Centre International d’Art Verrier (Meisenthal) [FR], SPACE CZ (Kladno) [CZ], Iittala Group Oy Ab (Helsinki) [FI], Vessel Gallery (London) [UK]


790.000 €


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