This project concerns mainly the contemporary musical creation. It aims to give new tones to some works from the silent cinema period, which are unknown or not within the reach of the global public. Through the (re)discovering of an European cinematographic heritage, young musicians and composers will have the opportunity to be initiated to the movie soundtracks making, and to create a collective work under the direction of professional composers. This experience, as exemplary exchange between two artistic fields, will be carried out by Italian, Belgian and German coorganisers. It will consist of creation traineeships, performances for the global public as well as for students from conservatories and schools of cinema, and the production and dissemination of CD’s, accompanied by an explicative booklet. The dialogue between music and pictures will thus concern young and experienced musicians, and the global public, through the diffusion of CD’s and the public events like the “Strade del Cinema” festival for silent cinema, concerts organised specifically for the project. Lastly, this initiative will enable a visually handicapped public to participate to creative writing workshops, where they will re-appropriate pictures from the cinema with their writing, through new musical creations.

Music for the Eyes – press release


October 2006 ► September 2007


Srade del cinema [IT], Les Grignoux [BE], Kaleidoskop Filmforum [DE]


300.000 €


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