Since 1996 and following the launching of the Barcelona Process on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the European Commission funds local and regional cultural activities in the Mediterranean Countries. The cultural activities are submitted by organisers from one or more Mediterranean partners to the Delegations of the European Commission in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. In this context, several cultural project have been supported in 2005 by the EU in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In accordance with the social, cultural and human chapter of the Barcelona Declaration on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the programme of cultural activities issued on the 16 of Mai 2006 by the European Commission Representative Office for the West Bank and Gaza Strip – 2006 calls for:

A-Dialogue and exchange between cultures and civilisations

B-The promotion of mutual understanding and the rapprochement between people through cultural exchanges

C-The promotion of the visibility of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

In order to realise these objectives, the European Commission has provided funding of:

Cultural activities in cooperation with local organisers, such as dance, music, film festivals, theatre productions, exhibitions, workshops mainly on inter-cultural dialogue, EU cooperation in the Mediterranean region, sports and athletic events, etc.

Culture Lab has provided assistance to the EC in the ‘Technical and Financial Quality Assessment Cultural Activities Programme – MEDA 2006’ (Framework Contract Lot N° 7 Request for Services N° 2006/1220602) – Assessment of cultural projects in West bank & Gaza Strip (Call for proposals Europeaid/123-335/L/ACT/PS). The mission has been carried out in August-September 2006.


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