Organisation, on behalf of the EU (EuropeAid) and the Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA, Benin) of an international workshop on “Cultural heritage & social and economic development”. This event was held in the premises of EPA, Porto-Novo (Benin), from the 7th to the 10th February 2011. The workshop targeted task managers from European Union Delegations (EUD) and their counterparts in Ministries of Culture from ACP and North African countries. In order to optimise the workshop’s operational impact, organisers have invited a representative from the Ministry of Culture from each country where the EUD confirms its participation. Representatives from international organizations involved in the heritage sector were also invited.

→ Show the concrete link between cultural heritage and development: How the programmes of protection and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage can have a positive impact in terms of economic and social development for the communities concerned;
→ Provide information and propose tools to enrich and improve techniques to identify and formulate heritage related cooperation projects;
→ Present and discuss different strategies and implementation modalities, aiming to optimise cooperation projects directly or indirectly related to cultural heritage;
→ Show the role and importance of cultural heritage as source of contemporary creation and creativity;
→ Formulate recommendations aimed to promote the potential of cultural heritage as a source of development.

Culture Lab has provided one expert (Gian Giuseppe Simeone) to provide contents for the workshop, contact the participants, draft the program, deliver a lecture about the various dimensions of cultural heritage and prepare the workshop’s conclusions.

Writing of a “Thematic Briefing Note” about cultural heritage & economic and social development to be used as guidelines for project design and management by the EC Delegations in the field of cultural heritage.
Download the Thematic Briefing Note on the external cooperation projects in the field of cultural heritage (.pdf) here [EN]


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