Within this 12-months cooperation project, the Museum of Medicine in Brussels and the Lisbon Geographic Society, in partnership with the Museums of African Art in Dakar, co-operated in the compilation of the inventory of the collections related to traditional medicine held in the Museum of Dakar. Various educational and research activities on the selected topic were carried out in partnership with all the co-organizers participating in the project. Researches in the history of influences and exchanges were shared between the « Semmelweis » Museum of Medicine in Budapest and the Lisbon Geographic Society. The results have been collected in various publications, as well as in a travelling exhibition on « The Art of Healing » held in Dakar and in Brussels, in the premises of the Museum of Medicine. Further to highlight the value of an underestimated scientific and cultural heritage, this project also provided an opportunity to compare interpretations resulting from different pharmaco-medical traditions.


September 2004 ► until August 2005


Musée de la Médecine de Bruxelles – ULB [BE], Sociedad de Geografia di Lisboa [PT], Semmelweis Museum of Budapest [HU]


150 000 €


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