Once your project has been selected for funding, you need to devote the necessary staff and expertise to carry out its daily management according to the specific – and often complex – regulations of the European programmes. Our experienced team supports the leading organisations and the whole partnership in the technical, administrative and financial management of your project, as well as in monitoring its activities and assessing its results. Based on the experience of more than 60 large cooperation projects, we are able to propose an array of accurate and yet flexible management procedures, tools and solutions which will contribute to the efficiency of your coordination tasks and the quality of the project’s outcomes.

The main missions carried out by Culture Lab in project management are:

Assistance in drafting the technical, administrative and contractual framework prior to the project’s start (administrative check by the EU, preparation of the kick-off meeting, drafting the partnership contracts and the technical and financial annexes, possible sub-contracting agreements, instructions to the partnership about the EU management rules…)

Assistance in the project’s financial management and monitoring (Collection of financial data and supporting documents from the partners, analytic accounting, eligibility checks, training in the management procedures to the project’s partners

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