Culture Lab, founded in 2002, is a private agency based in Brussels, specialised in matching the needs of cultural organisations with the policies and funding programmes of the European Commission. In this context, the company supplies state-of-the-art expertise, advice and technical support, from project identification, design and management to evaluation and communication of cultural initiatives mainly in Europe, the Mediterranean and ACP countries.

Our approach

Culture Lab functions as a laboratory of ideas and projects in all fields of culture and creation. Our team offers a tailor-made approach adapted to the specific profiles and projects of the public and private organizations working in the field of creative industries and cultural heritage. Thanks to our knowledge of the European Commission’s programmes allied with an international perspective, your proposals will be directed towards the best suited support programme. Our core values rely on cultural excellence, a proactive approach to creativity and innovation, an in-depth and diversified expertise and a deep professional commitment.

Who we are

Culture Lab was founded in 2002 by Alexis Castro & Gian Giuseppe Simeone. Both hold a degree in archaeology & art history and have worked for the European Commission and other international organisations. Over the years, Culture Lab has developed a strong network of professionals in the various fields of culture, contemporary creation and cultural heritage.

Our Services

Thanks to its collaboration with international professionals active in all fields of culture and heritage, Culture Lab supplies you with a range of competences and services which will contribute to the success of your cultural ventures.

Discover our services

Our references

You can find a complete list of our references on the following page:

Culture Lab – References

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