The support program to the cultural policy of Mali (P.A.P.C.M. – 8th EDF) was organized in several chapters, for a global amount of 4.8 million euro: – “Support to cultural heritage” (budget 2.15 M€) – “Support to creativity” (budget 1.26 M€) – “PSIC” – programme de soutien aux initiatives culturelles (budget 0.7 M€) – “Coordination, equipment and synergy” (budget 240,000 €) – “Dialog and vision” (budget 70,000 €).

The “program for support and valorization of the artistic and cultural initiatives” (PAVIA – 9th EDF), consists in three principal parts for a global amount of 4.9 million euro: “Strengthening of the institutional capacities”, “Support to cultural events” and “Spaces of animation and diffusion”.

This evaluation mission in Mali, carried out by Culture Lab [03-04/2006], aimed at assessing the functioning and the impact of the support granted by the EU to the Malian cultural sector in the framework of the 8th and 9th EDF. This field survey sketched also a prospective framework with a view to the preparation of the cultural programme in the 10th EDF. Its results have been gathered in a comprehensive report.

Download the Final report (.pdf) of the evaluation [FR]


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