The European Commission provides a considerable number of funding opportunities supporting networking and cooperation in all fields of culture and heritage. However, due to the lack of updated information and the complexity of the application procedures, many potential beneficiaries never take part in European projects or their applications are unsuccessful. In this context, Culture Lab supplies tailor-made training and coaching modules aimed at:

  1. Improving the search for relevant information on EU programmes and projects (previously funded projects, updated descriptions, call for proposals, practical application guidelines…);
  2. Preparing an application, maximising the chances of success (preliminary earmarking of suitable topics, brainstorming and development of the project’s rationale, objectives, expected results and activities, preparation of the proposal following the Project Cycle Management (PCM) approach, drafting of logical frameworks, budget estimate and planning, filling-in of the application forms, follow-up of the application procedures…);
  3. Implementing the daily project’s management, from a technical and financial point of view (drafting the contractual framework, setting-up a toolkit for the technical and financial project’s monitoring, mid-term and final reporting modalities, ex-ante, in progress and ex-post project evaluation…)

The main objectives of the proposed training modules are:

  • To develop the expertise and the competences of the professionals involved in the design, preparation and management of EU-funded projects
  • To diversify the stakeholders involved in EU projects (from a geographic or thematic point of view, but also following the various steps of the Project Cycle Management)
  • To enhance qualitatively and quantitatively the results and the impact of EU-funded projects.

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