Since 10 years, the European Center of Archaeometry of the Liège University has been working with EU institutions on the issues of preservation and safeguard of the frames and roofs of historical monuments. Experts shared their knowledge in the framework of the study of 30 churches’ roofs on the European territory.

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Download the “Roofs of Europe I – Press release [FR]


Roofs of Europe I: November 2006 ► October 2007 || Roofs of Europe II: October 2008 ► September 2010


Centre européen d’Archéométrie (ULG) [BE], Institut du Patrimoine wallon [BE], Centre d’Etudes médiévales d’Auxerre [FR], Centre de Recherche et de Documentation sur les Monuments historiques de Varsovie [PL], Académie des Sciences [CZ]


700.000 €


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