The Euromed Heritage IV Programme (2008-2012) has mainly pursued the strategy defined by the previous EH programmes, while focusing its activities towards the awareness-raising and the public outreach about cultural heritage. The general objective was to strengthen and consolidate mutual understanding and dialogue between cultures by the promotion of Mediterranean cultural heritage and public awareness-raising. The Euromed Heritage Programme IV was centred on the development of the concerned regions based on cultural heritage and tourism, on the appropriation of cultural heritage by the population themselves and on education and access to knowledge of cultural heritage.
While acting in a supporting role to the EuropeAid office (mainly unit A/3) in charge of managing the whole EHIV programme and the two EC Delegations in charge of managing the EHIV projects based on the call for proposals procedure, the RMSU focused on the following purposes:
-Ensure adequate conditions to assess the EH call for proposals organised by the EC in 2008;
-Bring guidance to the 12 regional projects that are selected through the call for proposals; project monitoring and reinforcement of the networking;
-Reinforce the institutional and legislative framework in the field of cultural heritage;
-Enhance visibility and dissemination activities related to the Euromed Heritage programme

As a member of the consortium lead by the Italian company Hydea, Culture Lab has contributed to the setting up and the coordination of the RMSU for the Euromed Heritage IV programme and to the follow-up of the selected project’s implementation and the institutional support [02/2008 to 02/2013].
Culture Lab has been specifically in charge of coordinating the information and dissemination strategy and actions, as well as participating to the overall project monitoring on the field. Culture Lab has also carried out the assessment of the project’s concept notes and the preselection of the project’s invited to present full proposals.

Euromed Heritage homepage


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