Mali has a very important cultural heritage. In this context, it is essential to equip the country with museums enabling the safeguard, at the local and regional level, of the resources of the past while promoting the Malian cultural life in her diversity and its spontaneousness.
Today, the decentralized institutional framework (regions, circles, municipalities) benefits from a dynamics and a strong political will to transfer competences, in particular cultural, to the territorial collectivities. However, the process of cultural decentralization in still at its beginnings, and the lack of experience of the concerned authorities requires, in our opinion, a phase of “grinding”. This one would extend over three years during which the structures envisaged by the DNCT and the DNPC would give an increased support for the implementation of new local/decentralized cultural policies.
The issue of the creation of decentralized museums in Mali, raises a series of questions of an administrative and legal nature, as well as scientific and technical, financial or communication-related. The stake is to set up a decentralization policy which can bring closer the Malian population to cultural institutions responding to imported logics.

Culture Lab has carried out, on behalf of the Malian Ministry of Culture and the UE Delegation in Bamako, a study mission on the preservation and management of cultural heritage in the context of the current administrative decentralisation process in Mali. The survey, carried out in the main cultural sites in the country [01/2004], has produced a comprehensive report including a number of practical recommendations.

You can access and download the final study report (FR) ❭❭ HERE ❬❬


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